Shipping Rates WooCommerce Set Up & Examples


Setting up shipping rates and rules can be complex, especially if you are shipping to a big country, and different rules apply for different regions. 

Thankfully WooCommerce allows you to segregate the shipping zones by region and you can create flat rate shipping rules for each of the zones. 

Here are the rules & legends you can use for your shipping rates: 

  • [qty] – Number of products in the cart  
  • [fee] – An additional fee. This fee has two optional arguments. 
  • percent – A percentage based on total order cost. 
  • min_fee – A minimum amount. Useful when using percentages. 

Shipping Rule Example: 

10 + (3 * [qty]) = $10 plus ($3 multiply by [quantity of items in cart]) 

20 + [fee percent=”10″ min_fee=”4″] = $20 plus a 10% of the order total with a minimum fee of $4 

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